Feb 16 2023

🌱 Atomic essays

Have you heard of the term "atomic essay" coined by the Ship-30-by-30 creators? It's a fascinating concept that I absolutely
1 min read
Jan 06 2023

🌱 Moving my website to Ghost

I’m building an entirely new website with Ghost. My goal is ambitious — to make it my primary website. It
1 min read
Dec 31 2022

Write first, present later

Writing first and presenting later is one of the best pieces of advice I get in my career.
2 min read
Dec 11 2022

🌱 Morning page

Morning pages was mentioned on Julia’s book The Artist’s way. Every morning, you write three pages in a
1 min read
Dec 04 2022

🌱 From Collector to Creator

We often hoard information because it gives us an illusion of knowledge. We consume too much, but we don’t
1 min read
Nov 22 2022

🌱 The point of taking notes is to think better

We have a habit of taking notes and saving valuable things. But in the end, those ideas get forgotten and
1 min read
Nov 10 2022

🌱 The new success metric for a knowledge worker is the number of evergreen notes written per day

While reading more notes from Andy Matuschak, I went from hope to disappointment to enlightening. The light today is I
1 min read
Nov 09 2022

🌱 Learn in public

The fear of being judged leads us to learn and think privately. But teaching people is the best way to
1 min read
Nov 05 2022

🌱 Evergreen notes

Evergreen notes are similar to permanent notes or Zettels from The Zettelkasten note-taking method. I prefer the name evergreen notes because it’s human and inspiring.
1 min read
Nov 05 2022

🌱 A digital garden

A digital garden is a place to plant the seeds for future ambitious works. It was seeded with many [[🌱 Evergreen notes]] and linked to each other.
1 min read
Jul 03 2021

You’re saying sorry too much

Saying sorry is a good habit, but saying it too much is the contrast. Sometimes, we apologize too much and it affects your presence. Replace sorry with a better phrase will make your ideas more compelling and show up stronger.
1 min read
Jan 05 2020

The secret of writing

What’s the primary purpose of your headline, your graphic, your font, and any other part of the writing?
1 min read