Feb 12 2023

iA Presenter is impressive

The execution of iA Presenter is fantastic! I believe they will go much further soon.
3 min read
Jan 06 2023

🌱 Moving my website to Ghost

I’m building an entirely new website with Ghost. My goal is ambitious — to make it my primary website. It
1 min read
Dec 18 2022

The best ideas haven’t been created yet.

There are always better ideas. Many people think all the ideas were already created. But here are some examples that
2 min read
Dec 08 2022

🌱 Showing random quotes in Obsidian notes with Dice Roller

In 🌱 Obsidian, we can show random quotes in daily notes (or in any note) from your quote collections with the
1 min read
Nov 25 2022

🍓 Keep track of any habit inside your Obsidian

Do you know that you can create your own 🌱 The Seinfeld strategy — Don’t break the chain inside Obsidian to
2 min read
Nov 17 2022

🌱 Obsidian

Obsidian is the new note-taking app that I fall in love with. It’s not about how cool or how
1 min read
Nov 16 2022

🌱 Learning a new tool brings me to new things

I’m often obsessed with learning new tools I love, and 🌱 Obsidian is the newest favourite. But at the same
1 min read
Dec 14 2019

How I built a new website in 2 weeks with GatsbyJS

We always want to make something better. And that’s why I built this new website.
3 min read
Dec 08 2019

Is Figma really good? Thoughts from a Sketch designer who tries Figma

There is a trend now on design, switching from Sketch to Figma. But is Figma that good?
5 min read