Jul 19 2023

Different High-level Designs

The more senior the designer, the more abstract the problem they should be solving. Designer Lvl 1: Design a form
1 min read
Feb 25 2023

STAR Interview Method for Product Designers

STAR interview method is a powerful tool that product designers can use to showcase skills during job interviews.
3 min read
Jan 12 2023

🌱 📗 Whiteboard challenge Step-by-Step & Tips

Some companies will have a whiteboard design challenge. I will have one session next week. It will be a case
2 min read
Nov 03 2021

A complete guide for Lottie animation with GatsbyJS

Lottie animation is easier than you think. In this post, we will create a Lottie animation, from After Effect to prototype to export handover files for developers.
6 min read
Jun 20 2020

Get a job as a product designer whithout going to design school

I got my job as a designer without going to design school. This is a guide to teach yourself design.
2 min read
Mar 15 2020

Designer’s guide for designing for performance

Performance is a shared responsibility and everyone on your team impacts it. Considering performance when making design decisions will have an enormous impact on your users.
7 min read
Mar 01 2020

The function of beauty

We got so carried away with the idea of functionality, we lost sight of who we were designing for in the first place, humans
3 min read
Dec 08 2019

Is Figma really good? Thoughts from a Sketch designer who tries Figma

There is a trend now on design, switching from Sketch to Figma. But is Figma that good?
5 min read
Dec 06 2019

Jakob’s law

One of the most basic and common principles of UX
3 min read
Nov 11 2019

Can’t get good ideas? Come up with some bad ones

It’s your brain trying to protect you from harm, from coming up with ideas that is embarrassing and stupid and could cause you to suffer pain. The way you shut off is by forcing the brain to come up with bad ideas.
2 min read
Nov 04 2019

The designer’s job is both doing and thinking

What if one day you don’t have anything to deliver? It happens very often on a product team, what would you feel?
1 min read
Sep 22 2019

Ugly truths about design systems

Design system (DS) is not a temporary trend, it has many benefits to the organization and the product. But what else?
2 min read