Jan 06 2023

🌱 Moving my website to Ghost

I’m building an entirely new website with Ghost. My goal is ambitious — to make it my primary website. It
1 min read
Dec 09 2022

🌱 Post Layoff Diary

Sharing my process of looking for new jobs after the layoff.
3 min read
Dec 07 2022

🌱 Goodbye letter to Carousell Product Designers

A note to send to my designer folks. We had too many good things together.
2 min read
Dec 05 2022

I was laid off, here are some thoughts

On this page Well, I got laid off. This is the first time I have left a company without intention,
5 min read
May 17 2022

The day I become a better designer

The day I become a better design is the day I start writing.
2 min read
Jan 02 2021

2020 year in review

2020 is the year none would forget. It was supposed to be a good year with a beautiful number. But what happened was terrible. Today is the time to reflect on the past year.
5 min read
Feb 07 2020

People I love at Carousell

Things come very differently when switching from a one-designer-team to a multi-designer-team. We have to work with many people who are better than you. So it’s a chance for you to learn from the others.
5 min read
Dec 31 2019

2019 Year in review

End of a decade, the 2010s, the new one is coming, 2020s. What had passed last year?
4 min read
Dec 28 2019

Why I live so far from the office

or many people who work abroad, they tend to rent a house close to the office so they can come to work easier. But the price isn’t cheap. If it’s cheap, it isn't a good room. Let’s see what I do with my daily commute when staying far from the office.
3 min read
Nov 28 2019

Our Europe Trip 2019 — Whole journey review

The review for our whole journey, where is our favorite, where has the best food, where we will come back?
6 min read
Nov 17 2019

Our Europe trip 2019 — Back home

We’re playing back to Singapore, it’s a long flight, 12 hours. Long long long flight.
3 min read
Nov 14 2019

Our Europe trip 2019 — Paris

There are so many things to see and do there.
2 min read
Nov 07 2019

Our Europe trip 2019 — Bye Belgium

The second country of the journey, we are coming to Paris, France.
1 min read
Nov 06 2019

Our Europe trip 2019 — Germany

German people are awesome
4 min read