Mar 26 2023

🌱 Being a generalist helps you find the right career choice

Being a self-taught designer has been something that made me unconfident. I hated how I never specialized in anything in
1 min read
Mar 01 2023

🌱 Fall in love with the process over outcomes

If you are like me and many other creatives, you have many interests and want to do many things. You’
1 min read
Feb 28 2023

🌱 You can improve anything with 30 min a day for 30 days

🌱 The Seinfeld strategy — Don’t break the chain encourages us to use a big calendar that has a whole year
1 min read
Jan 08 2023

🌱 Building a product isn't about whether it can be built

But about if people need it. Learning to code might be wise. I think everyone should learn to code nowadays.
1 min read
Jan 04 2023

🌱 Powerful life hacks for career, health, and relationship

Sahil Bloom is my greatest resource for learning. His newsletter and Twitter content always give me new and powerful lessons.
2 min read
Nov 20 2022

🌱 Don’t break the chain

The Seinfeld strategy
1 min read
Nov 16 2022

🌱 Learning a new tool brings me to new things

I’m often obsessed with learning new tools I love, and 🌱 Obsidian is the newest favourite. But at the same
1 min read
Nov 09 2022

🌱 Learn in public

The fear of being judged leads us to learn and think privately. But teaching people is the best way to
1 min read
Nov 04 2022

Find a way to raise your voice

Today I have a tough conversation with my head of product design. Yes, it’s about the performance review.
2 min read
May 17 2022

The day I become a better designer

The day I become a better design is the day I start writing.
2 min read
Nov 03 2021

Systems vs Goals

I’m always failed at exercising regularly. It usually starts with passion, the first week is awesome and motivated. But the next week, it becomes less and less.
3 min read
Nov 03 2021

Essential skills for product designers

For designers, only good design skill doesn’t guarantee success. We need more skills to be better and succeed in your career.
8 min read
Nov 03 2021

Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success

I’m reading ‘How to fail at almost everything and still win big’ by Scott Adam. There's one idea that enlightens me and I think everyone should know about it.
2 min read
Sep 05 2020

To be a good designer

One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is the power of confidence, for a designer.
2 min read
Jun 27 2020

Things I wish I knew when I started designing

5 years in the design field is not too long. But it gives me many lessons that if I knew about it before, it will be a better designer than I am today.
2 min read
Jun 20 2020

Get a job as a product designer whithout going to design school

I got my job as a designer without going to design school. This is a guide to teach yourself design.
2 min read
May 15 2020

Generalist vs Specialist

When you hire a person to solve a problem. Do you want to hire a person who knows many things or a person who great dept in one thing?
1 min read
May 10 2020

V for Vulnerable

It’s ok to be vulnerable
2 min read
Jan 12 2020

Lessons from the movie “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg

Everything I learned I learned from the movies.
4 min read
Nov 04 2019

The designer’s job is both doing and thinking

What if one day you don’t have anything to deliver? It happens very often on a product team, what would you feel?
1 min read
Oct 15 2019

Imposter syndrome is real

It happens to many people. Many people are facing it too.
2 min read