Jan 08 2023

🌱 Building a product isn't about whether it can be built

But about if people need it. Learning to code might be wise. I think everyone should learn to code nowadays.
1 min read
Jan 06 2023

🌱 Moving my website to Ghost

I’m building an entirely new website with Ghost. My goal is ambitious — to make it my primary website. It
1 min read
Nov 03 2021

A complete guide for Lottie animation with GatsbyJS

Lottie animation is easier than you think. In this post, we will create a Lottie animation, from After Effect to prototype to export handover files for developers.
6 min read
Jul 18 2020

Learn to code

The greatest lesson from the book The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin
1 min read
Mar 15 2020

Designer’s guide for designing for performance

Performance is a shared responsibility and everyone on your team impacts it. Considering performance when making design decisions will have an enormous impact on your users.
7 min read
Dec 14 2019

How I built a new website in 2 weeks with GatsbyJS

We always want to make something better. And that’s why I built this new website.
3 min read