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🌱 Showing random quotes in Obsidian notes with Dice Roller

In 🌱 Obsidian, we can show random quotes in daily notes (or in any note) from your quote collections with the help of Dice Roller plugin.

What you need:

  • Dice Roller pluggin for Obsidian.
  • A note with all your beloved quotes. Let's name it Quote Collections.md Every quote should be separated by a break line.

Dice Roller helps us to pull a random block from a note. But it only shows the result on the Reading view. Unfortunately, this is the view I'm always into writing, and I rarely use Reading mode.

So we need to do one more step to see the quote in the Edit mode.

The idea is to create a new note to query quotes with Dice Roller. Then embed this file into your daily note, and embed notes will show as a Reading mode.

This is the result:

This is how to do it:

  1. I created a new note called Random quote query.md. In this file, I put a line to query random quote dice: [[Quote collections]]
  2. In your daily note file, embed this file by using ![[Random quote query]]

From now, every time you create a new daily note, it will show you a random quote in your Edit view.

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