🌱 Goodbye letter to Carousell Product Designers

A note to send to my designer folks. We had too many good things together.

Hi guys,

It's time to say goodbye internally.

I had too many joys when working as a designer and knowing you guys. I still want to work with you more, but maybe at another place.

Thank @Keith, for giving me a second chance to get a job in SG. It was a hard time for me to find a job 4yr ago, but luckily you gave it to me.

Thank Jing for supporting me on projects at Vertical. I couldn't handle it if VX didn't have you. I think you're too kind to me also ☺

Thank Ha (and πŸ₯¦), my best Vietnamese friend here in Singapore. You helped me too much outside of work.

Thank Irene! We finally met. I hope I can meet you more. You're my traveling Influencer. You should consider doing it as your side-hustle 😊

Yo Belissa, you should share with us more secret news. Don't keep the happiness just for yourself. Share possible πŸ˜‰.

Alvina, you're our treasure. I always find you whenever I doubt that with text. We can't work without you. You also have excellent persuasion skills. Perhaps you don't realize that, but you did so well to convince other people to use your copy. You're Influencer, not Peace Maker πŸ˜†

Yunzhen, I often wonder how I can be talkative like you. I can feel you can talk the whole day ☺️. Our team needs it; designers need it. We're quite shy, introvert designers. You're a perfect fit.

Thank Howie, we need more time to work together. But your advice on decision-making improves me. That's the best I have learned in the past couple months.

Thank Yuqing for all of your sharing on parenting. It's good that I have someone to talk to about parenting and kids. I would like to bring my boy to meet your daughter, Doreen's one also πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦

Hey Mich, thanks for passing me the phone cable πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. I can't survive without it. I'm thankful that you joined Carousell and moved the aesthetic side of the app to a better version.

Ryan, and Zoe, I hope you guys found joy in the last few days. I'm thrilled to see you guys. And I realized that the Taiwanese are very tall. All of you guys can become fashion models πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

Cheyenne, and Doreen, I hope you guys are OK. It's a good time for us to rest and learn new things.

It's not the last time we see each other. I'll meet you guys soon for dinner or lunch.

Bye ✌️and see you soon!

A special thanks to Keith

Hey Keith,

I’m very sad. But I’m good now. Positively, I will have a good long break to rest first. It has been 4 years at Carousell, and it’s also a good time for me to change.

I can feel how hard it is for you to deliver the news. But don’t worry, I’m pretty optimistic. And I know you fought very hard for me.

I’ll never forget when you gave me a second chance to do the design homework during the interview with Carousell 4 years ago. It was hard to find a job in SG, but you gave me a chance. And I’m still thankful for that.

I like you, from your personality to your working style, everything. I think I have a model to aim for πŸ˜„

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