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A side project created by designers, for designers.


You need a solid portfolio if you are seeking a new job, finding new clients, or just starting out of school.

That’s an obligation in design. You want to bring your cool projects to your portfolio, but you don’t know what a good portfolio looks like and how to write a good case study. There’s no surprise: you spend unlimited time finding inspiration from other good designers. It’s painful.

I know what it was like 2 years ago when I wanted to move to Singapore (from Vietnam) and apply for a new design job. I spent lots of time researching. That process was painful for me too. But when I found the right inspirations, things got easier.

I spent all my free time finding inspiring portfolios and good case studies, then bookmarked everything to my list. Then I can learn from it. That’s why I made this site for sharing it with you. So when you build a design portfolio, you will have a place to start with.

Researching is a crucial step when designing anything. With these curated collections and guides, you’ll have more time to design your awesome portfolio and write good case studies.

And hopefully, you will get your dream jobs and clients.

Pafolios - Best design portfolio examples and case studies
Best design portfolio examples and case studies for Product, UI/UX, Creative Designers. Learn and improve your design skills with real-world examples.


— Trong

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