🌱 Don’t break the chain

The Seinfeld strategy

The secret to improving a skill or building a habit is to stick with it every day and have a visual way to track daily progress.

Jerry Seinfeld is considered one of the top comedians of all time. His productivity system is genius. What’s his secret?

For Seinfeld, writing something every day is key to producing good work.

He hangs a big calendar that has a whole year on one page on the wall and a big red marker.

Each day if he writes something, he will put a big red X over that day.

After a few days, he will have a chain. The chain will grow longer and longer every day, and it motivates him to write daily.

The only next job is to not break the chain.

Importantly, it’s not about the quality of the writing—it’s about the consistency of the daily practice.

You can use The Seinfeld strategy for improving any habit or skill: writing, reading, meditation, exercise, or your secret projects.

If doing something for one year is too long, we can start small with 30 minutes for 30 continuous days.

With daily practice comes long-term gain. I believe [[🌱 you can improve anything with 30 min a day for 30 days]].

The key to success is consistent persistence.

Don’t break the chain.


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