🌱 Children who are later talkers

🌱 Feynman was an American theoretical physicist born in New York City. He’s a famous physicist, but many people know him by the framework Feynman Technique.

It’s a great framework of [[🌱 Three steps of learning anything with Feynman Technique]] that can help you learn anything.

Do you know that he was a very late talker? He didn’t speak a word until he was three. But from a young age, it was clear that he was extremely observant and intelligent.

Albert Einstein, a genius that everyone knows, was also a late talker. He didn’t speak full sentences until he was five years old. It was so famous that people named the term: The Einstein Syndrome.

According to Sowell in his 1997 book "Late-talking children", these are some characteristics of a child with Einstein Syndrome:

  • Outstanding analytical or musical abilities
  • Outstanding memories
  • Very selective interests
  • Delayed potty training
  • Extreme concentration on whatever task is occupying their time

So if your little one is a late talker, it may be a rare gift.


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